Check Police Summons Using Vehicle Number by Online and SMS

Checking the police summons using the vehicle plate number or Mykad is very easy. As a good citizen, you should settle the outstanding summon payment as soon as possible. Don’t let this make you dizzy.

First, you must have a phone and an internet connection to check the summons online. Or maybe you need a sim card with enough credit if you prefer to use SMS.

How to Check PDRM Summons Through Plate Number

In summary, you can check Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) and JPJ summons online and by SMS using the vehicle’s license plate number or Maykad.

1. Check the police summons online

Please always check the police summons using Mykad and the vehicle number plate. Because if you buy a second-hand vehicle, you may see all the history of summons from the old owner if you only check the vehicle’s license plate number. Yup, you don’t have to pay the summons because it wasn’t charged to you.

There are several ways to check and pay the PDRM summons online: via MYEG, MyBayar, and PDRM portals.

#Check the summons in MYEG portal

Check the JPJ summons on the MYEG portal
Check the JPJ summons on the MYEG portal

in MYEG, you can check the police summon as well as the JPJ summon at the same time. All you need to di is to go to MYEG’s official website at, register, and log in.

#Check the summons using the MyBayar Saman portal

official portal MyBayar saman
Check and pay the summons on the MyBayar saman portal

Not only to check police summons, but you can also pay PDRM summons on MyBayar Summons. Follow these steps:

      • Visit the MyBayar official website at
      • Enter User ID and Password
      • Press the Login button
      • After logging into the MyBayar dashboard, you can now see the police summons that has been issued to you
      • You can also pay the police summons using several payment methods
      • Finally, don’t forget to save the payment receipt you received via email
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#Check the police summons using the PDRM SSO Portal

The PDRM SSO portal is sometimes under maintenance and cannot be accessed. But, here’s how you check the suit here

      • Visit the official SSO PDRM portal; you can type in Google
      • Log in by entering your user ID and Password
      • Click on the Summan Status icon and check using MyKad or vehicle plate number

2. How to check police summons using SMS

How to check police summons using sms
How to check police summons using SMS

The Royal Malaysian Police also provides an easier way to check the summons via SMS. You must follow the text format to check your police summons through this SMS service.

Here’s how you do it:

      • Type POLIS<space>SAMAN<space>Vehicle plate number or Mykad ID
      • Send to 15888

Example: POLIS SAMAN 1231241435234

You can also add email:

      • Type POLIS<space>SAMAN<space>vehicle plate number or Mykad ID<space>Email
      • Send SMS to 15888

For example, POLIS SAMAN 231421141241 akubahagia@gmail

Please note that SMS charges 15 cents for each SMS sent. Again, it’s best to check the police summons using Mykad instead of the vehicle number so that you can see more relevant police summons checks.

If you have bought a second-hand vehicle that still has a police summons from the old owner, please report it to JPJ because it may be challenging to make a refund after submitting the summons payment, even if the summons is charged to the old owner, not to you.

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